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Flash on Clash

Blades flash and make sound when they hit each other

But Can You Really Hit Them?

How About Hitting Neopixels

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What Caused the Fall of the Empire in Star Wars?

Probably one of the primary storylines to weave its way through the entire Star Wars universe and canon is the rise and fall of the Empire. Remember, the Empire came to power because the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine controlled the strings in the background. He was disappointed in the lack of recognition of the Sith. Eventually, He created a plan to destroy them using Anakin Skywalker as bait.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is the Star Wars Story We’ve Always Needed

This will be a much darker film as those few remaining Jedi have gone underground to avoid detection and extermination by the Inquisitors, including our bearded hero Obi-Wan. He must avoid detection and throw the squad off the scent of young Luke Skywalker.

Where Did the Jedi and the Sith Come From Originally?

This history gets complicated quickly because Star Wars canon gets mixed with all the contributions of authors, fans, video games, TV shows, and even action figures. Then you have the highly contentious prequels that seemed to clarify some points, only to force the creators in the expanded universe to quickly try and overcome continuity issues.