All our lightsabers are full-featured and boast functions like smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, multiple blade colors, blaster deflection and more.

What's more amazing all of these features can be controlled with just one button.

The specific instructions vary based on the core type. The core is the electronic component of a lightsaber that includes a small processor, audio amplifier, a speaker, 6 axis gyroscopic motion sensor and more.

We feature lightsabers with four core types: Baselit, SN Pixel, Proffie, and Xenopixel. You can learn more about them here.

Follow the links or watch the videos below for instructions on your specific core type.



RGB Baselit Video Instructions

SN Pixel V3 Video Instructions

Xenopixel V2 Video Instructions

Proffie 2.2 Video Instructions

Neopixel Saber Charging Instructions

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