All our lightsabers are full-featured and boast functions like smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, 12 blade colors, blaster deflection and more.

What's more amazing all of these features can be controlled with just one button. However, it's not always obvious how to use all these features without a user guide.

The instructions below are applicable to our baselit core sabers. Check out the core comparison page to learn more about the core differences.


A lightsaber can be in one of these three modes: off, stand-by (a.k.a deep sleep) and on. It is important to pay attention to this as different features are controlled from either stand-by or on modes.


A lightsaber will enter the stand-by mode by a long press (3 secs) of the button from either off or on mode. You can tell the lightsaber is in this mode when a ring around the button is lit but the blade is off.

Turning On

Method 1: Quickly press and release the button when lightsaber is in stand-by mode.

Method 2: Quickly swing lightsaber when it is in stand-by mode. (Not available on some models)

Turning Off

Press and hold the button and the lightsaber will turn off the blade and enter the stand-by mode. If you continue holding the button for additional 4-5 seconds it will turn off completely and play the shutdown sound byte.

Features available in the On Mode

Blaster Deflection

Quickly press the button and the lightsaber blade will momentarily change to pulsating white color as if being struck by the blaster and will play a matching sound effect.

Blade Color Selection

Unlike many lightsabers that come with just one color and force you to pick one our sabers come with 12 difference colors so you can pick the one you like at any time. Lightsaber colors have different meaning and being able to change color is one of the best features.

Press and hold the button until the ring blinks twice. Now quickly press the button to change the color. Once you found the color you like press and hold the button until the ring blinks once. Now the color is set and you can use other features.

Blade Lockup

Blade lockup effect simulates two lightsaber blades pressing against each other and their energy causing them to turn white and pulsating.

Press and hold the button until the ring blinks once. Now quickly press the button again and the blade will go into lockup mode. Quickly press the button again to exit lockup mode.


This feature makes dueling so much more fun. Simply duel against each other and when two sabers hit each other the lightsaber blade will flash.


Move the lightsaber around and it will make Force FX sounds - the sounds a lightsaber makes in the Force.

Features available in the Stand-By mode


Our lightsabers come with Mute, Low Volume and Hight Volume modes.

To change the volume mode press and hold the button until the ring blinks once and the saber will announce the new volume mode.

Soundfont Selection

Soundfonts is another great feature that bring character to our lightsabers. Every lightsaber in the movies sounded unique and a little different from other sabers. You can select different soundfonts on our sabers that makes sound effects such as blaster deflection, force movement sounds and other to sound different with each font selected.

Press and hold the button until the ring blinks twice and the lightsaber will play a sound clip to indicate the newly selected soundfont.

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