12 Blade colors: 12 different blade colors changeable at the press of a button (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink and their shades in between).

12 Soundfonts: Saber sound board has 16 different sounds effects (Soundfonts) saber clashing and ignition, saber lock-up, blaster deflection, movie character quotes, motion noises, and iconic music.

Included Soundfonts:
The Second, Dark Ages, The Dark Sword, The Dark Lord, The Fallen, The Count, The High Ground, Rage Knight, Princess, Scavenger, Emperor, Serenity

Smoothswing: Saber makes realistic lightsaber noises in response to motion. The latest soundboard provides precise and controlled saber movement sounds.

Duel ready: Tough and durable Polycarbonate blade is able to withstand heavy dueling against other sabers.

Flash-on-clash: When two saber blades hit each other or other objects they produce a characteristic lightsaber flash.

Motion ignition: twist the saber hilt to ignite or retract the saber.

Rechargeable battery: built-in recharge port with a powerful rechargeable battery removes the need to constantly replace AAA batteries. Battery charger provided.

Extended battery: While most batteries utilize a 1200mAh battery, this saber contains a more powerful 2000mAh rechargeable battery.

Specialized hilt design: This hilt utilizes a unique design that sets it apart from the rest of our collection, utilizing specialized parts and materials.