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Color Changing Blades

Change blade color with a press of a button

Heavy Dueling

Strong blades and T6 aluminum hilts are ready for heavy dueling

Sound Effects

Movie clips, blaster deflection, motion sounds and more

Flash on Clash

Blades flash and make sound when they hit each other

But Can You Really Hit Them?

How About Hitting Neopixels

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How Star Wars Continues to Change Film Making Across the World

When we think of going to a Star Wars film, we know there will be inevitable “beats” to the storyline. We will most likely see lightsabers, some sort of space battle, and meet unique characters and locations that cannot be found in other science fiction properties. That unique combination of gritty practical effects and cutting-edge digital integrations is part of the reason Star Wars has held the test of time so well.

Yoda: Know Him You Must!

This Jedi master has been around since first appearing as a wandering Muppet in The Empire Strikes Back that transforms into the wisest and most powerful Jedi perhaps to have ever lived. So what's this the story with the beloved long-eared character?
The 10 Best Star Wars Memes

The 10 Best Star Wars Memes

Somewhere along the short history of the internet, we fell in love with memes. These images capture the pop culture, current events, or some kind o...