Best Star Wars Fathers Day Gifts to get your Old Man

Fathers Day is just around the corner and if you need to do some last minute shopping for your Star Wars loving old man look no further. Here is a list of the best Star Wars gifts for you dad this Fathers Day!

1. Funny Card

No gift is complete without a card to go with it! This clever card is sure to make your dad laugh this fathers day. If there’s one thing that Dads love it’s stupid jokes, and this card is nothing if not a stupid joke.

2. Star Wars Dad Jokes Book

Speaking of bad jokes this Star Wars themed dad jokes book is perfect for any Star Wars fan with a silly sense of humor. As long as you don’t mind your father berating you with Star Wars puns for the next couple days, this is the perfect gift!

3. Star Wars Multi Tool

If your father is more the practical type no problem! This multi tool is perfect for any handyman in your life. It comes equipped with 8 total tools including a wire cutter, scraper, bottle opener, Phillips head screwdriver, hex wrenches, butterfly wrench, flat head screwdriver, and protractor. It’s also quite small measuring at only 3x4 inches meaning this tool can easily travel anywhere it’s needed!

4.Darth Vader Whiskey Glass

This whiskey glass is the perfect gift for any dad who loves his drinks. He can show it off to his friends when they’re all having drinks together and they can all know that he has the best kid ever! It’s also durable with a laser engraved design that will last through many wash cycles!

5. Death Star Ice Cube Maker

What’s the point of a Star Wars themed whiskey glass without Star Wars themed ice to go in it? These food grade silicone ice makers are easy to use and come out looking great!They’re the perfect gift for any dad who loves bartending!

6. Lightsaber Salt and Pepper

These electric salt and pepper grinders are easy to use and perfect for any father who fancies himself a chef, not to mention they look cool too! They’re dishwasher safe and made of high quality materials so they’re sure to hold up for a while. However I do not recommend attempting to use them as you would a real saber. For that you should check out our next gift!

7. Screen Accurate Darth Vader Replica Saber

What better way to tell your dad that you love him then to get him the coolest lightsaber out there! Also if you order now you’ll get a free mystery saber along with it so you and your father can have epic lightsaber fights together. If you chose to recreate the iconic “I am your father scene” be sure not to actually chop your arm off ;). 

Hopefully this guide helped you to pick out some gifts for your amazing father!

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