Multiple Colors

One of the most striking features of our lightsabers is their ability to change the blade color on the fly. No longer you have to compromise between different single color lightsabers. Our sabers pack all the popular colors. Simply use the saber's control button or gesture control to switch between multiple available colors and become your favorite character. Learn more about different lightsaber color meanings.


These are not typical plasticky toy sabers found in department stores. Our saber handles, a.k.a. hilts, are made from sturdy metal parts. Our hilts are constructed from T6 Aluminum Alloy. This is a tough metal alloy commonly used in aircraft construction, bicycle frames etc. We use it because it is one of the strongest and lightest materials. If it is good for making airplanes, it is good for lightsaber hilts.

Our blades are one piece polycarbonate construction. They are not retractible or telescopic like seen on the cheap plastic toys. Instead, this one piece construction makes them extremely strong and duel ready. If you never experienced dueling with our sabers you will not believe how hard you can hit with them. Give it a try. It's fun for the whole family.


When it comes to lightsabers, the visual appeal is undeniable. However, one aspect that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in the overall experience is the lightsaber sound. One of the most sought-after features in a lightsaber is smoothswing technology, which enhances the realism and immersion of lightsaber battles. You can hear your saber create "force" sounds as you move it or swing it around. Our sabers come with integrated high precision motion sensors that react to your movements and produce the characteristic lightsaber sounds. 

But there is more to it. Different sabers sound differently in the movies and have their own "character". And our sabers pack a number of these distinct sound "characters" that we call Soundfonts. So, not only you can change the blade color on the fly, you can also change the way it sounds to create an ultimate lightsaber experience.

We use high quality speakers in our lightsabers in order to make realistic sound effects.

Blade Effects

Let's not forget about lightsaber blades. We already know they can change between multiple colors enabling you to choose the color of you favorite character. But they can do much more than that. They can imitate blaster deflection, effect of locking sabers, melting doors and more.

But, the coolest blade effect is available on our Pixel variants - blade ignition and retraction. The blade light comes out of hilt and comes back in to further enhance the experience. Lear more about neopixel technology.