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Color: Gold
Core: Baselit
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Core Type Explanation

When will my order ship?
Our orders usually take 2-3 days to ship.

How long does it take to deliver?
Most orders take 7-20 days to get delivered. Exceptions do happen occasionally.

Will I be able to track my order?
You will receive an order confirmation and shipping notification emails. Please check your spam folder after placing your order in case you did not receive the order confirmation email right away.

What if my order gets lost?
We partnered with Route to provide protection against order transit issues. You can add the optional protection to your items when you add them to cart.

Is it hard to assemble the saber?
Assembly just requires securing the blade in the hilt using the provided screws and allen ranch. You can watch a short video here.

What is the difference between Baselit and SN Pixel, Xenopixel and Proffie?
SN Pixel, Xenopixel and Proffie are types of Neopixel technology. It provides more realistic and hi end effects as compared to Baselit. You can read more about it here.

I still have more questions.
You can ask them via the chat option, by contacting us via or posting them on the Product Q&A section below.

Baselit (Smoothswing RGB Board Features)

SN Pixel V3 Core Features

Hilt Specifications

Handle material: T6 Aircraft Aluminum
Handle length: 10.6" (27 cm)
Blade material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Blade length (Baselit): 32", (Neopixel): 36"
Charging type: USB fast charging
Charging time: 2-4 hours

Coupler: Female

Payment & Security

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What's Included?

Your lightsaber order will come securely packaged in a special lightsaber box. The package includes a hilt, a blade, instruction manual and a charging cable.

* The content displayed here is an example. The actual hilt and content of your box will match your order.

Product Q&A


Ask a Question
  • Can this sabre be used for duelling or would it break?

    It is great for dueling.

  • Si yo vivo en España cuanto tiempo tardará en llegar?

    Por lo general, toma de 1 a 3 días hábiles procesar y enviar su pedido. El tiempo de entrega suele ser de 7 a 20 días.

  • How long does it usually take to ship?

    It usually delivers in two weeks

  • Do you ship to Australia, Queensland?

    Yes we do. Thanks for the interest.

  • If I got the Neopixel version am I able to take the blade off

    Yes, the blade is removable on all models.

  • does SN pixel V2 just mean a neo pixel blade???

    Not exactly.
    The sn pixel version comes with both a propriotary neopixel hilt and the blade.

  • Can I turn off the character quotes and voices?

    You can put the saber in mute. There's no way to turn off individual sound fonts.

  • Can this blade connect with the duelist lightsaber to make a dual blade saber

    Yes they both are compatible.

  • If I live In dewsbury (uk) how long should it take to arrive after order

    It should arrive in two weeks most of the time. It can be longer or quicker in some cases.

  • Can 2 be connected to make a dual saber

    Yes. Purchase a Female Coupler.

  • Hello, does the inquisiter come with two sabers?

    It comes as one saber only.

  • Is this a duel lightsaber

    Yes, this is a good dueling saber.

  • Am I able to upload my own saber founts?


  • can I change the color?

    Yes, you can change the blade color with a press of the button.

  • How many colors does the SN Pixel V3 have and how do I change them?

    It has 12-colors. Please refer to the link below on how to use the product's feature.
    * SabersPro SN Pixel V3 Tutorial

  • Would I need a male or female staff coupler to turn this into a saberstaff?

    This one needs the female coupler.

  • I’m confused is this two lightsabers or just one

    This is just one saber.

  • is this two lightsabers?

    No it is just one saber.

  • I’m in Ontario (canada) how long should it take?

    Hello. It typicaly takes 2-3 to ship to Canada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

Absolutely worth the price, fantastic quality!

It was terrible broke immediately

I was trying to turn it on, and it work for a little. Then the twist function stopped to work and it never cooperated. 1/5 stars truly terrible.


Hilt feels great. The response of all the operations is top notch.
Only dislike was mines didn’t come with any hardware like advertised to secure the saber to the hilt.


I had it for about a week, and now the charging port won't work

Isaac Carter
Absolutely awesome saber!!

I started seeing the videos in youtube about these awesome bright lightsabers with realistic features. I did some research and decided I really wanted a neopixel, and when this one came I was so excited and it was even better than I thought I love the weight and quality of it, very bright and vibrant as well. Hardest recommendation ever.

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