Everything We Know about the New Jedi Order Film.

If you have been following the Star Wars rumor train you’ve probably heard about The New Jedi Order Movie that is in the works at Disney right now. Here is a wrap up of everything we know to be true about the movie so far. 

We know the Movie is set 15 years after the Rise of Skywalker. Disney and Lucasfilms confirmed this in Early 2023 when they announced the film. It will follow Rey’s attempt to rebuild the Jedi Order. 

Speaking of Rey, we know that Daisy Ridley will be reprising her role as Rey. It was confirmed earlier this year during the Star Wars Celebration that the film will Star Daisy Ridley as Rey. However there is no confirmed release date so it is unclear when Daisy will make her way to the big screen again.

We also know that the movie will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Sharmeen is an amazon director who has received two Academy Awards, seven Emmy Awards, and a Knight International Journalism Award. Needless to say, she’s incredibly successful and will definitely do the movie justice.

The movie will be written by Steven Knight. Knight is known for writing Dirty Pretty Things, Peaky Blinders, Locke, and Hummingbird. His first draft of the script was set to be done at the end of this past May but because of the Writers Strike it is now set to be done at the end of November. If there are no major issues with the script, Lucasfilm should have time to review and give notes back to Knight by Christmas meaning that production on the film can begin in 2024. Following this timeline we can expect to see this movie in theaters sometime in 2027. However, the longer AMPTP takes to meet SAG-AFTRA’s demands, the more this movie will get pushed back. 

There is currently no confirmed title for the film, however fans haven’t hesitated to speculate. The current consensus is that the film will either be called  Star Wars: A New Beginning, or Star Wars: New Jedi Order. However, despite what you may read neither of these titles have been officially confirmed by Lucasfilms or Disney. 

Fans have spent a large amount of time speculating about who we may see in this new film. The only confirmed character, as of now, is Rey, however that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping to see more of their faves. Many fans believe that Rey will bring Ben Solo back using their force connection. I love Ben, so I would love to see this, however I think it will be unlikely that we will see him in any real detail. 

Along with speculating about the characters, there has been a large amount of speculation about the plot. All that we know about the plot is that the movie will follow Rey trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. Other than that we really don’t know anything, however fans will always speculate. Some people believe that there will be another Jedi civil war (the first one led to the creation of the Sith) others think that we will see the Yuuzhan Vong, who we say in the Star Wars legends books, make their first live action appearance. However, none of this is confirmed so we really cannot be certain.

And that’s everything we know about the new Star Wars film.

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Eric sanders

Eric sanders

Lucasflim must choose a title like Star wars 10 a New beginning on may 2026 not 2027 and two more of the rey skywalker trilogy could be episode 11 and episode 12 no rumours just fact make it official by the end of November i love Star wars bring darth talon to the rey skywalker trilogy actress to be cast thank you

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