Pedro Pascal Will Not Appear in the Mandalorian Season 4

With the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, every TV show and movie studio is eager to get back to filming. The result is a high demand for actors who can only be in so many places at once. Due to scheduling conflicts with The Last of Us season 2 and Gladiator 2 Pedro Pascal will not be stepping foot on the set of the Mandalorian season 4, instead he will voice all the lines after the filming is done. Though this is not officially confirmed by Disney it will probably be the case as it is both logistically easier for them and significantly cheaper. 

Fans were quite upset with the Mandalorian Season 3, which also did not feature Pedro Pascal in person. It felt as though the creators were simply trying to tie up loose ends. In addition, fans were upset that the spotlight fell more on Bo-Katan and less on Din-Jarin, the series’ protagonist. The killing off of Moff Gideon was quite a shock to most fans as many expected him to be the main antagonist for Dave Filoni’s “Mandoverse” movie. However, after the events of Ahsoka, it is pretty clear that the main antagonist will be Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Many fans are worried that Pedro Pascal will now also be unable to film the big “Mandoverse” movie, which will supposedly tie together all the new Star Wars shows. It is currently unclear how the events of the Mandalorian will tie into the big crossover film, which leads fans to worry that the man who started it all won’t have a big role in the epic conclusion.

Whatever happens with the actors, Mandalorian Season 4 will happen, Disney confirmed it, there just might be a bit of a wait. Executive producer Rick Famuyiwa told Deadline that the scripts have been written, and it is now just a matter of getting studio and actor time.

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