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Mystery Saber
Jorge Cordero

Mystery Saber

Duelist (Set of two)
Derek Dolbeare
Did not receive item, support ignored me.

Item was delivered to hilariously wrong address almost 300 miles away and support won't even answer my emails, let alone address the problem.

Star Killer 2 w. Hard Case

The best

I’ve had this for couple years now and I couldn’t be more happy with it it’s such an fantastic started saver here’s to more specially the darksaber

Duelist (Set of two)

Mystery Saber
MK Schmid
This is where the fun begins…

I LOVE the mystery saber I got! It is so intuitive and honestly one of the best sabers I have, if not the best. The hard case that it and the other saber I got came in was sadly pretty banged up, but nothing in the case was damaged, so I’ll still give it 5 stars.

Geoffrey Whitworth
Revan lightsaber

Exactly what it looked like in the pictures and way better than the disney ones. The disney ones are good in you want to leave it in the case but if you actually want to move it around get the saber pro one

Larry Stevenson
Almost Perfect

I love everything about Elysium, except when you stab out the saber turns off no matter what you do to the settings. You have to press the button again for reignition, so that parts annoying, and the reason for 3 stars instead of 5. Other than that, the weight and feel of the saber is awesome.

Mystery Saber
Haden Moorhead
Pretty good

I didn't know what I was expecting, but the advertisement, for the buy a high-end saber get a mystery saber deal, made me believe I would get another high-end saber. Wishful thinking, but thats my fault. Still super pleased with the base-lit saber I got. I gave it to my younger brother and he loves it!

Took Awhile

Bought these bad boys on the May the 4th sale. Had some issues with the shipping. Took about 3 days for the order to be ready. As advertised. Then order was stuck for 5 days. Sent a support email. Response was alittle patronizing... standard "Dont worry. your order will arrive in 7-20 days". coincidentally my order started shipping after i sent that email. 18 days later I still didnt have my order. I filled out a USPS missing package form and my order was suddenly found and delivered next day. Took a total of 24 days from time of purchase.

The sabers themselves are very nice. Great lighting and sound effects. Good weight and feel. Only Complaint is that the sabers feature some overly complex motion control features. Having 3 different methods of control at once is a bit overwhelming. There are:

1. Button presses with 8 different functions depending on whether the blade is on or off depending on the length of the press.
2. Holding the button while the saber is in motion to make sound effects.
3. Motion controls that can be straight up annoying. making a stabbing motion turns the saber on/off. annoying if you actually want to use it.

So fun

I’d been thinking about getting a saber for awhile and there are so many choices out there. Ultimately I was looking for something affordable that could take a beating—I didn’t want something so expensive or fragile that I’d be afraid to play with it. This set is so fun. Love that I got two blades so I could arm a sparing partner. The weight feels good, and the sound and lighting effects of the RGB blade are way cooler than I expected. I was a bit worried that these would feel short, since I noticed most blades are about half a foot longer, but these are perfect. Great for dueling, or for connecting into a double bladed saber. The motion and button controls take some getting used to, and can be a bit frustrating to learn at first, but seriously—these are fun.

Protective Lightsaber Scabbard

Mystery Saber
Matthew Jackson

Mystery Saber


This lightsaber is awesome. I’ll be buying 2 more for my Twins.

Shadow (Set of two)
William Benjamin
Still waiting

Still waiting

Hey, sorry about the delay.
It departed our shipping facility on May 6th and for some reason is delayed. We will look into it and reship if it is lost.

In addition to that you are protected by Norton Protection.

Sol 2
Caitlin Wiley
No more light

I’ve had my light saber for less than a year, it has great audio and it connected well with your movements, but I didn’t use it for a few months because I was busy with school and when I went to use it the blade didn’t light up fully, only like an inch at the base and when I reached out it took about a month and they only told me to check if the battery was in place and when it was and nothing changed they said “sorry but we will give you a 50% off your next purchase” instead of giving literally any other advice. I’m very sad that this broke because I spent a lot of money on it as a teen that doesn’t have a stable “income”

Looks nice. Power button didn't work. Speaker only works at lowest volume. Charging port was broken. I've fixed the charging port. I ashed saberspro if I could buy a new one but they won't sell me one without a video showing the problem. I don't want it for free. I just want to fix it so my son and I can play. I explained I live somewhere with slow internet and cannot upload a video bit they still will not send me a part. I will be creating a review video for YouTube and upload it with a detailed explanation. Sabers look great but it sucks with how much they cost and they don't work.

Dustin Caddell
Most excellent entry level saber!

Super impressed. Years ago I purchased a entry level saber and have built a few just for fun from scraps. This is so well built and having so many options and fonts with smooth motion reactions and customizable settings I am in awe of how far these have come. I will enjoy night hiking at a whole new level.

Light damage on the saber. Scratches on the metal

Amazing Sabers

This really brings out my inner child, I know my younger self is so happy with these. The quality of the blades, hilts and sounds are top tier and amazing. Will be buying more soon.

Jill Gillette

My grandson and his dad are having a great time with the light saber!

Luke EP6
Tim Marriott
First Saber

This is my first saber from SabersPro. Absolutely love it. Great size, balance, and comes with so much more than I initially thought.

The force is strong with this one!

I have purchased several sabers from here and I have never been disappointed. All of their sabers are top quality and affordable. The Ahsoka Rebel's set is by far my best purchase. The details match the Rebels series perfectly and they feel incredible to wield. If need a top notch saber to take on the fight, then these are the sabers you're looking for!


It glitches from time to time, but a good product


Product doesn't work, poor response time.