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It was just what I expected! And love that it can be clipped onto a belt

It looks amazing, it's lightweight and has a clip for wearing on a belt. All of your Lightsabers should have a way to be clipped onto a belt


Pretty cool, bright, has lots of cool fonts. Cool ignitions. All around great saber.

Great Quality, little support, and bad access for programming

The lightsaber itself is great. The hilt is good quality and the presets are well done. I have been enjoying it.
I bought the profile v2.2 to be able to program different profiles and edit some of the motion activated features. All videos online show accessing the proffie board by just removing the bottom pommel and sliding out the board and battery. This hilt is not that simple. You need to completely take the hilt apart This includes removing the button assembly, and looking for any screws on the side. There is also a red looking button that screws out that needs removed as well. It's not rocket science, but it is odd that the access to a board that may need programmed multiple times, takes so much effort. Especially when you want to test a new profile. Not a great design decision.
On top of this, I reached out to SabersPro twice, once directly via email, and once from this page asking how to access the proffie board and never heard anything back. So no support at all.
In the end, I wish I just go the neo pixel board. It feels like the programming and testing will be quite difficult due to the poor design decision and I pretty much wasted a couple hundred dollars upgrading to the profile 2.2 option.

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration for the upcoming design update. However, we did not receive any support requests from you before you posted this review. Nonetheless, our team will reach out to you to provide further assistance.

Best regards,
SabersPro Team


Amazing light and sound!

Hi M.H.,

Thanks for your 5-star review! We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,
SabersPro Team

Paul Miller

These indestructible blades are just very darn fun to use. And unlike the fx sabers, you don't have to worry in the slightest about hitting stuff. I mean... oh, your wife doesn't dig it when you mess up the walls and break furniture, but other than that... These are great.

Thanks for the awesome and funny review. May the force, the walls and the wife be with you.

Joseph Goad
Review Update - Rating it more stars

Please disregard my previous review. Control of the blade works as intended. I was unable to perform those steps, however my son is a whiz on the sabre. I still deducted a star for the charging. The though of having to disassemble the whole thing to charge the battery seems crazy to me, I understand they are going for looks, but sometimes function out weighs looks.

Thank you for taking the time to update your review of our product Luminara. We are glad to hear that the control of the blade is working as intended. We apologize for any inconvenience with the charging process. Our team is always looking for ways to improve our products and we will definitely take your feedback into consideration. Thank you for choosing Luminara and we hope your son continues to enjoy the sabre. Have a great day!

Luke EP6
Joe P
Amazing quality

I have to be honest... first saber I have bought and it's amazing. My son loves it, we duel but he has toy sabers that don't hold up. So his birthday is coming up and I'm getting him one too, and we will have so much fun...

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review for our Luke EP6 product. We're thrilled to hear that you and your son are having a blast dueling with it. We take pride in providing top-notch quality products for our customers to enjoy. We hope your son has an amazing birthday and we can't wait for him to have his own saber to join in on the fun. Thanks again for choosing SabersPro!

Luke EP6
Thomas Orjias
Great Price

I do not prefer the Balance; however, it looks excellent.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

We look forward to you next visit.

Best regards,
SabersPro Team

Noble Platter
Incredible, but be careful with dueling

Got my lightsaber (A Xenopixel) in about a week and a half and was blown away. It looked, felt, and sounded incredible. It's obviously high quality and very well made, and the gesture controls feel very nice once you get them down. The only problem I ran into was that both me and my friend's sabers cracked near the top upon nearly the first sign of dueling. We knew they were Xeno so we were wary of how hard we were hitting, but they cracked anyways. I don't know if we had a fluke or what, but keep in mind that the Xenopixel is NOT MADE FOR DUELING. Saberspro was extremely helpful and sent me a replacement blade asap, so overall I am very satisfied with my customer experience. (Also, I bought a baselit and that has held up much better to dueling. So just remember, baselit is for dueling and Xenopixel is for looking/sounding good.) Would (and will) purchase again!


They are so cool and my son loves them. Some issue’s figuring some things out but nothing major and customer service is quick to respond. High quality, I would definitely recommend

stephanie krizman

our 10 yr old son was so excited by all the cool features, sounds and settings

Thank you for your positive feedback on our product, Duelist! We are thrilled to hear that your 10-year-old son is enjoying all the fantastic features, sounds, and settings. We hope he continues to have a blast with it!

Jacob Norman

Beautiful saber. Would recommend to anyone who wants a nice saber for a great price.

Thank you! We're thrilled to hear that you find it beautiful. Thank you for your support!


It came a lot faster than expected, although the box was damaged unfortunately. The saber itself is really nice and works smoothly. I'll probably buy from here again.

Thank you for your review and for choosing our product, Shadow. We apologize for the damaged box and are glad to hear that the saber is working well for you. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Totally worth it

Got Revan’s saber on my birthday as a gift from my girlfriend. I was really impressed by its design and quality.
Fair price. Easy to install. You can on/off saber for a 5 (!) hours long.
Totally worth its cost. Would buy something from SabersPro again!!!!

Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Darth Revan and for sharing the video.

SabersPro Customer Service Team


You need to add this to your collection


Giving to my daughter as a present
I have bought her from one from Disney before
She loves this one,
Easy to handle

Liberator (Set of Two)
anyhony hernandez
Perfect birthday gift

Bought this set as a gift for a family member and they absolutely loved it. Set up was easy, the lightsabers felt good in their hands and they were ecstatic about the additional accessories like the quick connector and display stand. Overall good quality item(s) and a fine addition to their collection


This is my first lighrsaber. Came in good condition and works well. Bunch of different modes, colors and sounds. Lots or fun

Rod hastheforce
Easy to charge and bang around!

Happy with the quality, price and ease to charge the hilts Thanks Saberspro

StarKiller v2

Awesome saved very impressed with the quality and all the different fonts and effects, leaving a 4 star because saberspro took 7 days just to process my order and finally shipped it after which took a couple more days so if they’re processing and shipping time didn’t suck I’d leave a 5 star, other than that 10/10

Harrington Ledesma
Great light saber

Bought this slabber for my nephew and he absolutely loves it. Couldn’t be happier.

Ashoka Tano Rebels set.

Some of the black paint was scratched up and almost off entirely and having to remove an entire side of the light saber makes it hard to charge. That being said, I love them and will definitely use them. They showed up quickly.

Such detail!! Beautiful saber and easy assembly. Charging is so easy and not even a hassle. 10/10 product.