Darth Maul

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Color: Réplica gris
Centro: Basilea
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¿Es difícil montar el sable?
El montaje solo requiere asegurar la hoja en la empuñadura usando los tornillos proporcionados y el rancho allen. Puedes ver un vídeo corto. aquí.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Baselit y SN Pixel, Xenopixel y Proffie?
SN Pixel, Xenopixel y Proffie son tipos de tecnología Neopixel. Proporciona efectos más realistas y de alta gama en comparación con Baselit. Puedes leer más sobre esto. aquí.

Todavía tengo más preguntas.
Puede preguntarles a través de la opción de chat, contactándonos a través de support@saberspro.com o publicándolos en el Preguntas y respuestas sobre el producto sección siguiente.

Baselit (Características de la placa RGB Smoothswing)

Características principales del SN Pixel V4

Especificaciones de la empuñadura

Especificaciones de Baselite

Especificaciones de neopíxeles

2 empuñaduras

2 hojas 

2 cables de carga USB

2 bolsas de herramientas

Manual de instrucciones

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Ask a Question
  • Is there a warranty on the lightsaber in case it breaks

    We have a 6 months warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • Can you dual with them?

    Yes, you can.

  • Does the Maul sabre come with the connection piece?

    Yes, DM comes with the two hilts and the connector.

  • How do I change the color of the saber?

    Please watch our tutorial videos.
    - https://saberspro.com/pages/lightsaber-instructions

  • Is it possible to control the 2 sabres together? I’d imagine that you’d have to use 2 hands to turn both sides on at the same time?

    Yes. Both hilts can be controlled simultaneously.

  • May have different blade colors like one is blue and the other one red ?

    Yes you can. The two sabers are completely separate and you can control them individually.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Robert keck
Great saber

Had and issue with one not working a couple days in and customer service was slow to respond but got the issue fixed and they are great I love them. Super bright and sound phenomenal. Couldn't figure out how to delete old bad review. Sorry guys

Michael Deatherage

Baselit maul has two buttons that have no led flash. The instructions didn't come in the box and the website instructions do not work for a two button set-up. Sending me a link for the instructions is pointless if the saber doesn't match them.

how do you change the color?


It comes with 2 sabers, overall pretty good quality except one of them is defective. It gets stuck on the sound menu and no matter what I do it doesn’t get off.

Brycen L
SD card?

Saber works completely fine. This is the first day that I have had so no issues thus far, but I've taken the entire thing apart and I cant seem to see any sort of SD card for uploading new font. Can anyone help?

Alexander Nima
Saber is great but I have some troubling thoughts

I just got my saber and it feels and sounds great. But in my position and how I cant spend money as much as I want I decided to get the saber because I am a huge Star Wars fan. When spending over 500 dollars for something you expect nothing to be wrong or damaged cuz of the amount you put in to get such a nice saber. Even if the saber was nice and not damaged I had missing screws so I cant put the blade on without it falling out. I even payed for the hard case and the inside foam was ripped and damaged so it really holds nothing in place. As much as I want to be happy I got a cool saber I see the downsides of these two problems hitting me hard because I spent so much money and I do not see the value in some things if they come to me wrong. If you decide to buy the saber I agree its worth it and nice. But if you decide to get the hard case as well I do not recommend it at all cuz the foam is so cheap I got it delivered to me ruined. Hopefully the website is nice enough to either refund me or give me a replacement because if they not I am just gonna return it and go to a different website instead because for the price you pay for something like this, you should expect it to be worthwhile and given to you nice and not ruined. Great saber, bad packaging and missing screws.

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