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Color: Gris
Centro: Basilea
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Explicación del tipo de núcleo

¿Cuándo se enviará mi pedido?
Nuestros pedidos suelen tardar entre 2 y 3 días en enviarse.

¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en entregar?
La mayoría de los pedidos tardan entre 7 y 20 días en entregarse. Ocasionalmente ocurren excepciones.

¿Podré rastrear mi pedido?
Recibirá una confirmación del pedido y correos electrónicos de notificación de envío. Revise su carpeta de correo no deseado después de realizar su pedido en caso de que no haya recibido el correo electrónico de confirmación del pedido de inmediato.

¿Qué pasa si mi pedido se pierde?
Nos asociamos con Route para brindar protección contra problemas de tránsito de pedidos. Puede agregar la protección opcional a sus artículos cuando los agrega al carrito.

¿Es difícil montar el sable?
El montaje solo requiere asegurar la hoja en la empuñadura usando los tornillos proporcionados y el rancho allen. Puedes ver un vídeo corto. aquí.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Baselit y SN Pixel, Xenopixel y Proffie?
SN Pixel, Xenopixel y Proffie son tipos de tecnología Neopixel. Proporciona efectos más realistas y de alta gama en comparación con Baselit. Puedes leer más sobre esto. aquí.

Todavía tengo más preguntas.
Puede preguntarles a través de la opción de chat, contactándonos a través de support@saberspro.com o publicándolos en el Preguntas y respuestas sobre el producto sección siguiente.

Baselit (Características de la placa RGB Smoothswing)

Características principales del SN Pixel V4

Características de la placa Neopixel Proffie 2.2

Especificaciones de la empuñadura

Handle material: T6 Aircraft Aluminum
Handle length: 10.6" (27 cm)
Blade material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Blade length (Baselit): 32", (Neopixel): 36"
Charging type: USB fast charging
Charging time: 2-4 hours

Especificaciones de Baselite

Light type: 12 Watt
Light colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
Battery type: Rechargeable (18650 5V, 1A Battery 2000mAh)

Especificaciones de neopíxeles

Light type: 50 Watt
Light colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
Battery type: Rechargeable (18650 5V, 1A Battery 3000mAh)

Acoplador: Female

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¿Qué está incluido?

Tu pedido de sables de luz vendrá empaquetado de forma segura en una caja especial para sables de luz. El paquete incluye una empuñadura, una hoja, un manual de instrucciones y un cable de carga.

* El contenido que se muestra aquí es un ejemplo. La empuñadura y el contenido reales de su caja coincidirán con su pedido.

Preguntas y respuestas sobre el producto


Ask a Question
  • Does it come with the charging cable, or do I have to buy the cable separately?

    Charging cable is included

  • How do you change the color. I’ve read the instructions and have gotten to change a few times but not with any consistency. I’m not exactly sure how I got to change to be honest. A video tutorial would be much appreciated. I have the duelist neopixel mode.

    While holding the button, a quick twist to the right while the hilt is pointed down will change the selected blade colour. Release the 
    button to save the current colour.

  • How long will it take to deliver?

    Usually under two weeks.

  • So, are the Pixel V2's colours able to be customised? Or does it have only the ones from baselit? Cheers

    It comes with solid colors as well as various effects, like blade extension and retraction, unstable mode, etc.

  • Is there additional import tax to pay for shipping into the UK?

    No, all duties should be already paid.

  • Does the SN pixel version light it up fully when ignited or does it light from the base fading up?

    The SN Pixel comes with multiple soundfonts that produce different effects.

    There are some fonts that ignite from the base to this tip. There are others and ignite in more complex ways.

  • Hey, does some sort of a display base or holder come with thr safer? Thanks

    You can order a saber stand in addition to the saber.

  • Does the grip tape stay on well?

    Yes, it is similar to tennis grips so it is designed to stay on.
    You can always replaced with a tennis grips or apply it to other models.

  • How long do they require to charge to be at full battery?

    This depends on the charger power and battery capacity. So, I would say 4-8 hrs.

  • Does the Neopixel blade support high force dueling?

    We typically recommend to limit the force for neopixel blades. However, we also did a test of hitting a baseball bat with full force and the blade held up.

  • Hello, the fabric is provided with the saber? Thanks

    The tape grip is included.

  • Can it be put on a belt

    It does not come with a clip to attach it to a belt. However, the pommel has holes in it that could be used to afix a clip.

  • Just wondering how long these take to deliver(estimated) thanks

    Typicall under 2 weeks

  • How long do these usually take to arrive

    Our sabers typically get delivered in two weeks.

  • Hello! My name is Luke and I am ordering your duelist Saber and I absolutely can’t wait but I do have one question if my actual blade like the plastic part of my lightsaber breaks do I have to buy a new lightsaber or can I just buy the piece

    Hey, we do carry spare blades that you can buy separatelly. That being said our blades are very tough and not easy to break.

  • can these connect to make a staff or do i need to buy a coupler for that thank you for your time ^-^

    Yes they connect without buying an extra coupler.

  • Good morning. What is a coupler? Clearly this is a gift…

    Coupler is a piece that screws two hilts together to make a double-bladed staff.

  • How can we get a blade connector

    The Duelist has a built-in coupler. Remove the cap at the base of the hilt.

  • The lightsaber keeps flickering , the light won't stay constant

    Either you are under Unstable or Ghost mode. Please watch the tutorial below on how to use the product's feature.
    * SabersPro Lightsaber Tutorial

  • Can the lightsabers connect?

    Yes, Duelists can connect together and do not need an additional couler because the pommel is the coupler.

  • What are all the soundfonts included in the baselit saber

    They are specified now in the baselit board specifications: 

    Luke, Kylo, Obiwan, Anakin, Darth Vader, Ben Solo, Ahsoka, Rey, Palpatine, Leia, ...

  • does the SN pixel v3 have rainbow?

    Hello. Yes it does.

Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews

I am in love with these!!

Better than I expected!

I was a little worried the saber would be worse in reality than shown on the photos and that it would be hard to use but it turned out to be better! Amazing Quality and very pretty, easy to use and fun to play with! I’m really happy with this purchase


Wish the wrap was already on the saber and it’s real easy to accidentally change the settings (ignition,blade effect,volume ect) … it’s a bit annoying. Other than that I’m happy with them.


Love it thank you so much


The Duelist is a solid entry level saber with a ton of features! Very happy!

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