Baselit sabers illuminate the blade with a single powerful LED inside the handle of the lightsaber, a.k.a the hilt. The blade is a hollow polycarbonate tube with a special light diffusing film for even illumination.

These lightsabers are full-featured and come packed with such effects like smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, multiple blade colors and more. 

These types of sabers are a great choice for heavy dueling since they are lighter and the blade is cheaper to replace if you brake it.


Neopixel lightsabers feature a strip of bright LEDs inside the blade itself. They are considerably brighter than their baselit counterparts.

They are powered by an advanced core that controls the lighting of those individual LEDs (Neopixels) thereby enabling sophisticated effects not possible on the baselit models.

The first effect you would notice if you compare neopixel and baselit lightsabers is the ignition sequence. The baselit version will gradually brighten up the light creating a smooth ignition. A Neopixel goes further by lighting LEDs up from the base to the tip creating an illusion of the blade extending out as was seen in the movies.

In addition to ignition and shutdown sequences, neopixel sabers also have various pulsating effects also not possible on baselit models.

We sell two version of neopixel sabers: Xenopixel and Proffie

SN Pixel V2

This is the more affordable version of neopixel lightsabers and offers 16 advanced soundfonts. Xenopixel sabers are a great option for those who are looking to get amazing neopixel effects, but are not interested in the customization options.

Proffie Neopixel

This is the most advanced neopixel core currently available. Not only does it boast higher quality soundfonts and effects it is also customizable. Proffie boards have a wide community and aftermarket support for infinite possibilities.