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Williams Do


Jorge Gonzalez
Looks Great, Couple gripes

Purchased the Allez Xenopixel V3. Looks great, feel great.
However a few issues with the board hold it back. I have had to disable pull/twist off due to it constantly turning the saber off no matter how low the sensitivity.
Additionally the saber intermittently powers completely off (full power down, light on button turns off).
Color wise on the blade, the sounds, all great. However with the issues I am experiencing above, I am hard pressed to give it over a 3 star.

Morgan Pererson


Gregory Fuentes
Pretty cool

Best ever

Functions that should be working don't work like the touch affect or the buttons to change sound also did not receive the second saber that they are promoting when you purchase a saber from them

Seems well made, arrived in a timely fashion, no problems!

Luke EP6
Dalton Jobe

Still ain’t got the mf

Karen Izzi


Excellent handle. Size and heft feel great. Unfortunately for me the two wires connecting the led and the hilt were severed when I got it. I cant attest to the sound or lighting because I never got to see/hear them! I have reached out to customer support and have not yet received an answer back. $400+ for a hilt, even though its cool, is not what I paid for.

Covertec Wheel Belt Clip

Fallen w. Hard Case
Riley Plemons

It was a wonderful saber to own. Fully faithful to the game.

The photos don't do this set justice. The in-hand feel is perfect. Default volume is max and it's so loud, you could hear distortion in the speaker. Turning down slightly helped tremendously. Will ve looking at purchasing a single hilt very soon. Would recommend as 2 1h sabers or 1 double blade saber.

Super lightsaber bien fait et solide j'ai changé facilement le core avec un neopixel car j'avais acheté un baselit par accident

David Johnson Jr.
The best lightsaber I’ve ever gotten

I absolutely love this lightsaber it’s just like how it looks like in the movies and it sounds like an actual lightsaber. The overall hilt has a pretty comfortable weight to it which can make it perfect for spinning. I absolutely would recommend this saber as a starter for beginners.

Never Disappoints

Been wanting a staff saber for some time. This one was in budget and is absolutely fantastic. Came quick. It has some alignment issues but Richard, from support, was super helpful and sent me hardware to help with my alignment issues. Definitely great customer service from him. I will stand by SabersPro for life.


My blade simply won't light up Any help will be grateful I think I've set up it correct just the light saber ready and the blade will not light up

We are sorry about the issues.
We did receive your email in our support system. Please allow us alittle bit of time and we will get back to you and help you sort it out.

Darth Maul
Samuel Fuller
Black Maul hilt

The box was damaged when it got to my house which was pretty disappointing but other than that it’s a beautiful saber and the hilt is really cool.

Stephen Barts


Darth Maul
Clayton Bozzetti
A must own for collectors!

This saber staff combo is so heavy duty and well crafted. It really feels like a staff and carries great momentum in swings and flows. You won't regret this purchase, and if you do this with xenopixel or proffie this will easily be your #1 show piece. An instant classic, just like the first time we all watched this light up in Episode 1!

Worth your bucks

Everything that this saber has to offer is worth every penny. Really makes you feel like cal himself

Reven & Mystery

I just recently received my first cybers from this company. I assure you now.It will not be the last. The Darth Revan has a wonderfully solid and weighty feel even as a Xenopixel it feel capable of delivering amazingly deadly dueling strikes. The customization is insane. The included mystery saber was a SOL & even as a RGB baselit it left nothing to be desired. It's solid construction and sturdy balance make it a Force to be reckoned with in its own right.

Super cool light sabers

My boys LOVE THEM. They are 17 and 8 so they are good for all ages

Mystery Saber
Joshua Mitchell
Vader saber with hard case and Mystery Saber

I ordered the Vader saver with hard case. The order came and to my dismay, the Vader saber was having issues. I contacted Saber pro support and they were on the case asap. They had me try a few troubleshooting steps and when that did not work. I was shipped a replacement. Marla from customer service was amazing and I couldn’t be happier. The mystery saber is very impressive. The Vader is outstanding quality and mildly heavy. It is loud however the mystery saber is light weight and very loud. Both are fantastic and I would highly recommend Sabers Pro if you are looking for high quality and excellent customer support!

Brian Benson
Great Saber! Love it!

Really great size and weight.

Missing a saber

I am missing a saber in my order