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Length: 36" (92cm)
Diameter: 1" (25.4mm)
Sale price$99.95 Regular price$142.95


This Neopixel polycarbonate blade is powered by a 50-Watt LED Strip for the best brightness available. The blade's 3mm thick walls make it extremely sturdy and duel worthy. Should you need an extra blade for your saber activities, you can order one from us.

This blade is compatible with our Proffie and Eco Neopixel sabers. Make sure you choose the correct diameter of the blade to match your saber.

All our blades are made of white, translucent and tough polycarbonate. This offers superior brightness that is evenly balanced throughout the blade and has multiple effects such as scrolling ignition, retractions, tip melt, drag, and many more.

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Customer Reviews

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Noah Fristedt

Does that helt come with a saber and screw driver and screws?


Can you duel with a sn pixel V2 blade?

Yes, it is possible to duel with neopixel sabers/blades. However, they are heavier and slower to wield because of that.

Amazing stuff just question

What size would the duelist be? I need to order me some spares (:

The duelist uses 1' blade diameter as most of our sabers. The length is optional.
However, it is important to use neopixel blades with neopixel hilts, and the same for RGB/Baselit.

Love your products but question

If I have a baselit blade can I inner change it to a neopixel if I buy the neopixel blade? Love my enforcer v2 btw great design and price, love how easy it is to swing around it’s all around great!

Thank you Brandon. The neopixel blade will not work with the baselit hilt. The hilt needs to be neopixel also.


How will I know what width my neopixel blade will be when i buy it alongside my lightsaber? the one i want to buy is the Revan. What width of the blade would i need to get for it if i want a neopixel blade?

With a few exception all sabers use 1 inch wide blades (both baselit and neopixel). However, the type of the blade and the hilt must be the same.

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