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The product has a few problems but is good overall and the customer service is amazing


Amazing saber, REALLY loud too! My favorite feature is the swing motion as it’s able to synchronize with your every movement.


User instructions suck. Buttons aren’t labeled to identify which is pwr/aux.
So far, I haven’t managed to get the volume changed to anything other than ear shattering.

There is no USB / SD card adapter, so if you don’t have one (which has been provided with all other xenopixel sabers I’ve purchased), you’ll have to buy one

The placement of the hilt button is just bad design. You can’t grasp the saber without a hard plastic button getting in the way, preventing a solid grip on the hilt

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t purchase this saber.

Beyond that, the saber is well made

Love it

Absolutely love this saber. Definitely a huge plus is the hard case. Makes it way easier to take it with me anywhere. Definitely already ordered another from this company

Damian Mulkey
Poor quality

I bought my very first saber, just for the sound to be super damaged. Its going on 3 days with no answer on returning this.

Luke EP6
Alexis contreras

Received no manual but quality is very nice mostly. The button plate is held in by a spring which is odd. Pressing the button sometimes doesnt work
or its buggy. Not sure since i recieved no manual. & after only having it for a few hours the speaker audio started cutting in and out.
Side note: videos online show this saber have glowing green and red arrows that are useable as well. This does not.

Edit: Audio was due to low battery but still odd. Pleased with it mostly so far. Will edit review as time goes on

William Bush II
Great saber

Very happy with the Falcon saber, also have the Sol saber. Equally happy. I kinda wish you gave pummel options.

Brian Clark

Love the hilt but I don't like how much thinner the blade is vs my other sabers


Wonderful lightsaber!! My new favorite!! A++ to the customer support team as well. Very very helpful!!!

Sara Jimenez
Extremely helpful and polite people.!

I ordered the Inquisitor for my son and he LOVES it. Very well made and the effects are just beautiful! Beside the point I had made a mistake when putting in my zipcode and they lost my package. I messaged them and they were prompt with their responses and very helpful. It was all in all a good experience ordering from them! The saber was beautiful and they were great people. Definitely will be ordering again!

Great first saber!

Ordered my first saber from SabersPro and couldn't be happier. USPS took longer with my package than SabersPro did getting my order here. So I'm even more pleased with SaberPro's
service. The Saber itself was The Liberator set with the Baselit V3 core. It's been over a week now and they still work great. Even after dropping in the middle of dueling.

Nicholas A Vowells


It's great

It came a week late but otherwise it's an amazing saber 10/10 recommend

Flimsy plastic junk


I never received it!!! I’m very upset!!!


Fast delivery and product is amazing worth the wait

Darth Revan with Hard Case
Very impressed

Looks great works awesome definitely recommend to ppl

Great price for two blades. Previously had a Xeno2. Xeno3 has so many more features that allow for a saber style that suits you. Wonderful sound as well. I do wish that the hills had a bit more character, but it's understandable given the price point.

Qui-Gon w. Hard Case
Aaron Nussbaum

I'm having a hard time charging my Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber I can't figure out how to take the backing off to charge it the features when you sell these lightsabers if you come with directions and pictures

Amazing Look, Solid

I was waiting to submit review bc it was a gift for a friend and had to wait until I could get it to him and hear from him. Pictures he sent; they looked awesome and said he had no issues with them or figuring them out. Going to check with him again bc I am curious how long or well they hold up as well.

Kristen Shugrue
Duelist fantastic!

Everyone loves this sabor! The colors are fantastic!

Darth Maul
Gavin Miller

It's very cool, a big change from the Knight sabers but in a good way. Just wished the sabers would line up straight with the buttons but other than that it's really cool

Arturo Quinones
Duelist saber

I love it, good balance, it’s loud and bright. I’m definitely getting another saber

Britain Cook
Never got my lightsaber

I went to the USPS twice to see if they had my lightsaber because they told me that I can go to pick it up. They told me today that there is no such package in the system and I need to file a claim for it. Is there any way I can get help to understand where my package is at because it is very frustrating for me.

Hey we definitelly understand the frustration.
I just checked the tracking status and it says 'Delivery Attempt: Action Needed
Reminder to Schedule Redelivery of your item before April 12, 2024'

I am not sure what the issue is, but the package is trackable online, so USPS should be able give you some answer.
We can work with you further if they declare it lost.

Love it!

A majority of my sabers, I buy from SaberForge.com but they don’t sell any scabbards on their site. So I decided to purchase one from SabersPro and it goes excellent with the sabers I have
Completely satisfied

Hi there!

We are so happy to hear that you love our Protective Lightsaber Scabbard! We understand how frustrating it can be when you can't find everything you need on one website, so we are thrilled that our scabbard complements your SaberForge sabers perfectly. Thank you for choosing SabersPro. May the force be with you!