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Even though Jedi were found all over the greater Star Wars universe from inside Canon and out, there are specific planets and locations that seem more crucial to the Jedi story than others. The hard part is pinning down that massive list to only a tiny portion.

Besides the Jedi temples, the location of any two Jedi seems more bent on the activities they are engaged in than the specific area they live in. This is because the Force is a movable thing. It is a greater call by the universe that is not restricted to any single location. Sure, there are potent centers of activity, but all in all, the Force is everywhere - so must be the Jedi.

With that being said, we have put together a quick list of some of the more well-known Jedi-specific locations throughout the Star Wars universe.

1 - Coruscant

The Jedi Temple featured in the prequels was on Coruscant. It is the political center of the Universe and vitality important to the development of the Jedi as they are often involved in activities of leadership that affect many worlds at once.

There is also the hidden criminal underworld of Coruscant that makes for the perfect hideouts for Jedi seeking to avoid detection later in the timeline. Underneath all of the glitz and glamour of those powerful and rich residents is an underworld full of ventilation shafts and old construction long abandoned by anyone who would not wish to start a fight or solicit some illegal activity.

2 - Dagobah

Again, remember we are sticking to Star Wars canon. The swamp-filled lands of Dagobah are critical to the Jedi order because that is where our long-eared friend Yoda trained Luke when he was still young in the force.

The world itself has a stronger than usual connection with the Force centered on the Cave of Evil, where Luke was tested by seeing the visage of his own father, Darth Vader. It must have been a real treat to slice off your own head via lightsaber. We would have had many questions.

Lightsaber duel between a Jedi and a Sith

3 - Tatooine

The sandy dunes of Tatooine began our Star Wars journey and ended it with the burial of Luke and Leia’s lightsabers by Rey. This is where Anakin Skywalker was first encountered and what led to the long drawn-out battle for light and dark, which has entertained generations of fans.

So yes, this is the famous land of the Skywalker bloodline, but it is also where Obi-Wan Kenobi hid for all of those years and central to what we hope are many seasons of the new Obi-Wan Disney Plus show. There are endless possibilities of storylines that can be centered on coming and going from this desert land.

4 - Ahch-To

Of course, we had to include the beautiful rocky island that now receives thousands of visitors from fans all over the world. Ahch-To was introduced as the birthplace temple of the original Jedi texts and where Luke decided to hide after the Kylo Ren debacle.

As a fun fact, those little Porg you see running around the island were actually real-world puffin birds that flocked the island. There were so many of them that director Rian Johnson decided to use a bit of CGI magic instead of trying to erase all of the birds from every shot.

5 - Alderaan

Not only is Alderaan the home of Princess Leia, but it is a Jedi-friendly world in Star Wars. This is a land that respects the Jedi for who they are. The rich beauty and luscious plant life of this planet have been used in many storylines across all Star Wars canon and Legends.

Its alliance with fair and just laws is probably why it was targeted for destruction. Odds are, even without Leia as a plotline, this planet would have been an early target because it housed so much rebel activity.

6 - The Secret Temple

In the Mandalorian, we are treated to a secret land where Luke is visited by Grogu that looks Asian. This is a beautiful world where nature seems to be uncorrupted by either side of the Force. Rumors have this temple located on Yavin 4, which is a moon orbiting the place where the trench run occurred in A New Hope. Only time will tell if this is accurate or not.

Building Your Jedi Legacy

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