11 Coolest Starships in the Star Wars Universe

One of the intriguing ways Star Wars emerges us further into the extended worlds and stories inside the universe is through starships. Each new intergalactic vessel captivates our imaginations of what could be possible if only the Earth’s scientists had the reigns dropped and were allowed to create genuinely unique crafts.

What began as realistic models in ILM’s sound stage has inspired generations to think “what if.” Let’s review some of the more well-known and cool starships Star Wars offers.

11 - The Death Star

The Death Star featured prominently in both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and it famously helped destroy Princess Leia's planet home of Alderaan at the end of Episode IV. Yes, this is more of a space station, but the iconic moon-sized destroyer of worlds has to be acknowledged because so much of the story takes place inside its heavily armored walls. Not to mention the feat of engineering having a single flaw that would destroy the entire ship.

Death Star starwars ship

10 - Star Destroyer

Who can forget meeting this oversized slice of pizza armed to the teeth with all kinds of ordinance to make even the bravest Rebellion pilot want to change directions? From the very first scene of Episode IV, we see the destructive power of this starship as it makes all other Rebel ships look tiny and insignificant.

Star Destroyer star wars ship

9 - TIE Fighter

We love the TIE fighters! Someone in the design studio came up with the perfect representation of the Empire’s military force by making them appear both insidious and utterly useless at the same time. Like someone in budgeting wanted a highly maneuverable ship with plenty of firepower, but no shields and cannot survive without a mother ship.

Tie Fighter star wars ship

8 - X-Wing

Of course, the perfect complement to the TIE fighter is the X-Wing. Not only do these have a balance of support (enter R2-D2) mechanisms, firepower, and shields, but they can be used to travel into lightspeed. That makes them more of a storyline item like we see with Luke when he journeys to be instructed by Yoda. There was an iconic rush of nostalgia when we saw this same X-Wing underwater on Temple Island in the most recent series.

X-Wing star wars ship

7 - Hammerhead Corvette

You only get a close-up view of the Hammerhead in Rogue One, but that is more than worth the experience. Like the shark it is named for, this ship is designed to split other starships during dogfighting. The increased durability and oddly intimate fighting method make it stick out in our memories.

Hammerhead Corvette star wars ship

6 - TIE Silencer

The TIE Silencer first appears in the video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but most of us will remember it as the starship of choice for Kylo Ren. It matches the overall color and theme of other TIE Fighters. However, the designers made it far more aerodynamic and menacing, which feels oddly appropriate for the conflicted Ben Solo.

TIE Silencer star wars ship

5 - U-Wing

Why pick a transport ship from Rogue One so high on our list? This is a highly functional ship with the classic U shape when in low orbit or moving around a planet that can then flip back around to a V for long-distance traveling. Something about the almost Transformer-like quality that makes it so appealing.

U-Wing star wars ship

4 - The Ghost

You need to have a spy ship on any list for Star Wars, and the Ghost fits the bill perfectly. This was first seen in Star Wars: Rebels and hopefully will make more appearances in the featured franchise films. It has the ability to slip by pretty much any Imperial blockage making it perfect for smugglers and spies alike.

The Ghost star wars ship

3 - Razor Crest

Yes! All hail the power of The Mandalorian series! This clunky girl has that well-known Star Wars blend of cool sci-fi features with space western grittiness that we all cheer for. Add on top of that the carbonite freezing chamber and oversized pilot area for Grogu to enjoy, and you have a great ship to add personality to any story.

Razor Crest star wars ship

2 - Slave 1

If you are going to mention Mando, you have to bring in Boba Fett. The Slave 1 has all the unique weaponry and strange maneuverability that boggles the mind yet makes perfect sense for a bounty hunter.

Slave 1 star wars ship

1 - The Millennium Falcon

Yup, of course, this has to be the top pick. Can your starship make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? This is probably the most recognizable starship in the entire Star Wars universe and a big reason why Disney made it so prominent in the new theme park section. If you get the opportunity, go and visit this beast. It is quite a feeling!

Millennium Falcom start wars ship


There you have them. The 11 coolest starships in Star Wars. There are plenty of others that can be mentioned because this world is so expansive. It must be amazing to sit in on any of the planning or storyboard meetings when discussing how these ships need to match personalities and storylines throughout any film, game, series, or animated feature.

That is why we love them. From watching Chewbacca play monster chess to epic lightsaber duels on the Death Star, these ships matter to the fabric of the story in Star Wars.

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