The 10 Best Star Wars Memes

Somewhere along the short history of the internet, we fell in love with memes. These images capture the pop culture, current events, or some kind of shared social idea that suddenly goes viral. The term was coined by Richard Dawkins in this bestselling 1976 book The Selfish Game and has since been used to capture the essence of everything from Lulz Cats to political intrigue.

With the massive world popularity of Star Wars, a slew of incredible thought-provoking and humorous memes have been shared online for years. With each new launch of a new film, miniseries, video game, and comic, a new meme is built and released into the interwebs. Here are some of our favorites.

1 - It’s a Snack!

Famed internet cartoonist Scott Johnson of the Frogpants Network put pen to paper years ago. He created one of the internet’s favorite Star Wars memes with his famous Admiral Snackbar. This is a play on the “It’s a Trap!” shout made by Admiral Ackbar during the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi.

Admiral snackbar meme

2 - Point Lightsaber at Face

There are many fun things to point out in the original trilogy because it was such an innocent time compared to the modern era. However, you have to remember that actors back then and characters from Canon would have no idea how a lightsaber really worked. This is evident when Obi-Wan hands Luke a lightsaber, who immediately points it at his own face, thus this fantastic meme:

Luke points lightsaber at face

3 - Anakin Drop!

Many of the haters out there love to poke fun at the prequels. Whether or not you agree with how entertaining these George Lucas-created wet dreams are, you have to agree there were plenty of opportunities for humor. In this case, what would have happened had Anakin not listed to master Qui-Gon:

Anakin drop meme

4 - Unlimited Shower

Our favorite Star Wars memes have to do with crossing over into everyday life. So it is a lot of fun to see how society can take a moment in Canon and wrap it into one of the more exciting things about our day-to-day activities. Like in the case of having to deal with roommates and short showers:

unlimited shower meme

5 - Thinking of Other Girls

Sometimes popular memes from other origins get remade with Star Wars themeing. In this case, a viral meme of a girl looking at her presumed partner in bed trying to figure out if he is thinking about other girls turns into a reality check for Disney Plus that luckily turned out okay. 

other girls meme

6 - Yoda & Cookies

Again, for a meme to really take off, you want it to somehow apply to daily life. As many of us have probably snuck too many cookies from the recent pack of Trader Jojos, this Yoda-inspired Star Wars meme makes perfect sense.

too many cookies meme

7 - Panic Button

Playing off of the character interactions in the movies is always a favorite. Many viewers who followed the love story of Anakin and Padme wanted to point out the many red flags that never were acknowledged. Humor is the best medicine, like in this meme: 

panic button padme and anakin meme

8 - Loot Boxes

Never forget that many in the Star Wars fandom tend to share other passions. This could be cosplaying, dueling with lightsabers, or video gaming. In this Star Wars meme, you can clearly see how Yoda implies Rey brought the loot to max out her player character.

Loot boxes meme

9 - Kill 3 Kids

Many Star Wars memes lean into the extreme plot points from the films. That can be the budding romance, like we mentioned before, or in this example, the crazy idea of murdering younglings in the Jedi Temple to inspire the creation of Darth Vader.

padme anakin three kids meme

10 - Chicken Nuggies

Of course, no Star Wars meme list would be complete without the one that fueled all kinds of fan confusion. We were all confused with calling Grogu by Baby Yoda. That didn't stop us from sending a generation of YouTube addicts to refer to McDonald’s chicken nuggets affectionately as “chicken nuggies.”

chicken naggies

Where to Find More Star Wars Memes

If you want more humor wrapped in Star Wars goodness, we suggest checking out social media with the tag #starwarsmemes or just #starwars. You can also look at Reddit for a great bunch of memes related to current media being released by Disney Plus.

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