Attaching The Blade

Your saber comes almost completely assembled. The only step required is attaching and securing the blade to the hilt. The process of doing it is pretty much identical for all sabers. The number of screws and their position is different from model to model, other than that it is the same.

Watch the demonstration below on how to attach a blade to the Luke lightsaber. Other sabers follow using the same principle.

Please make sure not to cross thread the screws as it will damage the threads in the emitter.

Torque the screws gradually instead of fully torquing each screw right away.

Your saber came with a small tool bag that contains an instruction manual, allen key and several screws. A sample picture is below. You can also refer to more detailed instructions here.

Lightsaber toolbag

Important: You only need to use the short screws to secure the Polycarbonate blade in the hilt. The other screws are spares that you might need if you remove the core from the hilt.