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Essential Gifting Guide for Crafted Lightsabers


Whether the holiday season is
just around the corner or you're shopping for the perfect gift to give to your
friend, SabersPro has a wide collection of custom-made sabers sure to delight
anyone that enjoys the Star Wars community. These are high-quality items built
with unique lighting, sounds, durability, and features designed for everything
from growing a private collection to cosplay conventions to dueling clubs.


The only problem now is
figuring out which fantastic option is right for your gift-buying needs. For
example, do you try to find a lightsaber based on one of the many characters
from the Star Wars universe? Or do you stick to a custom design perfect for
dueling combat?


That is why we’ve created
this comprehensive lightsaber gifting guide so you can find the perfect
lightsaber for Christmas, birthdays, special events, May the 4th, and other
significant events in the lives of your friends, family, and team members –
regardless of being on the Light or Dark side of the Force. Let’s dive in!


You Looking for a Gift?


Don’t worry. We know the Star
Wars world can be a bit overwhelming for many out there who may want a
long-lasting gift for a friend but may not have a lot of experience with the
characters or planets.


We suggest starting with a
few simple questions:


What is your budget?Do you want a single saber or two that can be connected into a
staff?Do you know if the person you’re buying for prefers the Light
or Dark side?Will they be using the saber for dueling, cosplay, or to sit on
a shelf for a collection?


This will help narrow down
your selection so you can avoid the integrated details of character-based
styles or exclusive items. 


We suggest checking out
the Padawan or Regal sabers,
as they are highly popular for those who want to gift a saber to someone but may
not know the details of their fandom. We also offer Gift Cards to
our line of blades if you're going to send the joy of picking out a favorite
lightsaber to your friends and family.


If I Know Star Wars Well?


For those buyers that are
well acquainted with “Han shot first,” we suggest upping your sabers game by
diving into the Master collection or character-inspired creations. These are
unique, cool, and exclusive sabers that often differ by the artistic features
of the hilts to the pricing of the saber styles.


You may already know what
characters you follow closely through the films or have a side of the Force you
prefer and are looking to enhance your costume activity. 


For example, we make a
fantastic Mando saber that is relevant today, considering the
popularity of the recent Disney Plus series. We also have everything from Luke Episode 6 inspired
sabers to the staff connections of Darth Maul.  


for Duelists


The tradition of lightsaber
battles has taken the world by storm, with many organizations, teams, and clubs
forming all over the world. SabersPro is a proud supplier of dueling quality
sabers made with durability and light/sound features that elevate your fighting


Our line of dueling sabers
can be found in more affordable options like the Duelist or
custom-made hilts with more outstanding grip capabilities like the Enforcer


If you prefer a staff
connection for longer reach in combat, we also offer many products, including
our Beast dual sabers that have a smooth hilt for


Your Personal Collection


Of course, no collection of
Star Wars memorabilia would be complete without one of our custom lightsabers
by our artisan crafters. We provide intricate designs directly related to the
character arcs of some of the most well-known saber wielders in Canon.


Be sure to check out
our Obi-Wan directly inspired by Episode 3. We also have had a
massive demand for our Ren and Ashoka sabers
because of the recent movies and world-developing series being announced.  


Any of these detailed sabers
make an excellent addition to your collection. We even sell clear lightsaber stands that
let your recently acquired item stand out in your group of movies, books,
figurines, and other treasures gathered from online and convention meetups.


About Neopixel vs. Baselit Sabers?


One more thing we want to
describe before you pick up a gift for yourself or friends this holiday season
is the difference between neopixel lightsaber technology and baselit options.


Most of the generic,
mass-produced sabers you see in big box stores have a form of base lighting.
This is where the light source comes from the hilt and tends to get less bright
the longer the saber.


While this is great for a
quick purchase, you may want to up your game with a neopixel option. With
neopixel, you get LED lighting technology all the way up and down the saber.
Many of our neopixel sabers include flash-on-clash features and various blade
effects like stable, pulse, ghost, or blaster.


This creates a more immersive
experience for your lightsaber purchase, and we highly recommend adding it to
any gift you wish to give. A great example of creative neopixel technology is
our Ghost saber.


the Next Holiday/Birthday One to Remember


We hope this lightsaber
gifting guide provides you with all the insights and answers to questions you
may have about making that next gift around the tree even more special. Our
sabers have extended battery life with easy-to-use rechargeable ports, and many
include motion ignition to the lighting and sound effects.


These custom-made sabers are
the perfect way to celebrate the love of Star Wars for you, your friends, your
family, or fellow duelists on your team. Visit our store and bring the
thrilling world of a universe far, far away to your home, and gift a SabersPro
lightsaber today!


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