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Core: Baselit
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Duelist Hilt Showcase


Powerful and controlling, Duelist is for those who seek for higher ground in a duel. The highest quality T6 Aircraft Aluminum hilt and a polycarbonate blade create the ultimate combination providing durability and efficiency. Experience motion based sound effects, on-clash lighting, and 10 different sound effects. Whether you prefer the light or the dark side, you can easily switch with 12 different lighting styles.

Duelist can be attached to another duelist as well as many other models to make a dual blade saber. This is one of our hardest working dueling sabers.

    Baselit (Smoothswing RGB Board Features)

    SN Pixel V3 Core Features

    Hilt Specifications

    Handle material: T6 Aircraft Aluminum
    Handle length: 10.6" (27 cm)
    Blade material: Polycarbonate (PC)
    Blade length: 32.3" (82 cm)
    Total length: 42.9" (109 cm)
    Charging type: USB fast charging
    Charging time: 2-4 hours

    Baselit Specifications

    Light type: 12 Watt
    Light colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
    Battery type: Rechargeable (18650 5V, 1A Battery 2000mAh)

    Neopixel Specifications

    Light type: 50 Watt
    Light colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
    Battery type: Rechargeable (18650 5V, 1A Battery 3000mAh)

    1 Hilt

    1 Blade 

    1 USB charging cord

    1 Hex key

    Extra screws

    Instruction manual

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    Product Q&A


    Ask a Question
    • Does it come with the charging cable, or do I have to buy the cable separately?

      Charging cable is included

    • How do you change the color. I’ve read the instructions and have gotten to change a few times but not with any consistency. I’m not exactly sure how I got to change to be honest. A video tutorial would be much appreciated. I have the duelist neopixel mode.

      While holding the button, a quick twist to the right while the hilt is pointed down will change the selected blade colour. Release the 
      button to save the current colour.

    • How long will it take to deliver?

      Usually under two weeks.

    • So, are the Pixel V2's colours able to be customised? Or does it have only the ones from baselit? Cheers

      It comes with solid colors as well as various effects, like blade extension and retraction, unstable mode, etc.

    • Is there additional import tax to pay for shipping into the UK?

      No, all duties should be already paid.

    • Does the SN pixel version light it up fully when ignited or does it light from the base fading up?

      The SN Pixel comes with multiple soundfonts that produce different effects.

      There are some fonts that ignite from the base to this tip. There are others and ignite in more complex ways.

    • Hey, does some sort of a display base or holder come with thr safer? Thanks

      You can order a saber stand in addition to the saber.

    • Does the grip tape stay on well?

      Yes, it is similar to tennis grips so it is designed to stay on.
      You can always replaced with a tennis grips or apply it to other models.

    • How long do they require to charge to be at full battery?

      This depends on the charger power and battery capacity. So, I would say 4-8 hrs.

    • Does the Neopixel blade support high force dueling?

      We typically recommend to limit the force for neopixel blades. However, we also did a test of hitting a baseball bat with full force and the blade held up.

    • Hello, the fabric is provided with the saber? Thanks

      The tape grip is included.

    • Can it be put on a belt

      It does not come with a clip to attach it to a belt. However, the pommel has holes in it that could be used to afix a clip.

    • Just wondering how long these take to deliver(estimated) thanks

      Typicall under 2 weeks

    • How long do these usually take to arrive

      Our sabers typically get delivered in two weeks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Parker Brown

    If you accidentally brake a RGB blade or neo pixel blade could you swap it out with another one of the same RGB or neo pixel blade

    Yes you can and spare blades are available for sale in our store

    Parker Brown
    One more question

    I have one more question.can you switch out a RBG with a RGB and a neo pixel with a neo pixel

    Unfortunately no, the neopixel blade goes along with the neopixel hilt and vise versa.

    Parker Brown

    If you get the RGB blade and later on get only a neo pixel blade can you change the blades out

    We get this question a lot.
    No, you can not interchange the neopixel and rgb blade. They do need the matching hilt.

    I cant change my blade color

    When i turn on the blade its green and when i try to swap it it turns to a really fast flashing white

    Jake coffey
    Amazing for the price

    It’s my first saber didn’t want to spend to much and this went above and beyond my expectations the sounds are clear the colours are on point and it’s so much fun to twirl it’s amazingly bright at night ( yes I go to the park and play with it against my mates drone ) I’m genuinely so happy and would recommend it to a friend . Oh and says 3 weeks but mine turned up in 4 days so amazing delivery to ….. it’s just amazing 😅

    Common Light Saber Features

    Sound Fonts Demo

    Light Saber Duel

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